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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Remember when Matt forgot to eat?

Hey, remember that time back in October when I was having stomach issues? Well, it happened again a few weeks ago. Except that time I had been eating.

So I went to the doctor again with this stomach pain, and they have the nerve to tell me that it's not my stomach. It was actually my appendix. Which was in the wrong spot.

Long story short, they cut that out, rendered me immobile for a few days, and gave me an excuse to get a handicap placard for my car. It's almost like a fast pass at Disneyland that's good through July. And hey, I don't need to follow any of this restricted diet crap! Although, my arse is still pretty numb from that hospital bed.

Reflecting back on this, I probably should have blogged about this while I was in the hospital, and gotten all of that pity and sympathy that you wouldn't care to give... But I thought it'd be funny to give Evan crap about it first on Facebook.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Webcomic Rising!

To any of you out there who haven't heard yet, I'm making a webcomic. Posts will start coming soon with more information as I get a bit closer to the grand premiere.

Some information to tide you over:
1) It'll be a comic book limited series. 4 issues, each issue with a cover and 22 pages of content. I'll be releasing them one page at a time, on a regular schedule (twice a week, most likely). Once an issue is available in its entirety online, print versions will be manufactured for sale!
2) The main characters will be a firefighter/private investigator with a mullet and a talking monkey with sunglasses. These characters are copyrighted by me! No stealing!
3) I know a lot more than I'm telling. I've got the whole series plotted out, some cool characters and some cool plot twists. A bit of a mystery, some action, and a lot of comedy. This is a story I'm really excited to tell. But rather than tell you the details now, I'll tell them to you in the strip.

So that's it in a nutshell. I'll definitely post again periodically with updates.

On an unrelated note: Matt, Steve and Tom. You all suck at posting far more than I do. If you guys posted every time you give me crap about not posting enough, the blog wouldn't have a content problem. Just saying. We'll wait and see if one of you can bust out a 4th post this month, but the smart money says I'll have to do it myself.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Did you know Bear is a city?

Apparently when you sign up for news alerts based on "Bear is Driving" you become privy to some bizarre news stories. Like apparently Delaware has a city named Bear. And in this city, unshaven men with bad teeth carjack 80-year-olds in burrito parking lots.


I could not make this stuff up if I tried.

This poster is real.

Isn't it motivational?