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Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm not dead! I promise!

...just incredibly busy. I've been putting a ton of my effort behind getting my webcomic ready to launch. But with a new webcomic on the way, new opportunities are arising to keep track of what I'm up to:

1) I've set up a twitter account. I'll be test driving that for the next couple weeks or so to see how I feel about it. You can follow that at:
2) The webcomic (upon launch) will ALSO have a blog attached. So I'll (hopefully) be posting there. That's coming soon. The webcomic itself should be pretty rad, too. If you enjoy my random posts about bears, you will likely also enjoy the webcomic. It's set to launch this weekend, barring any major problems.

Note that these are NOT going to replace YNTE. I'll continue to come in here and post random thoughts, news stories, poorly photoshopped images and embarassing things Tom said.

Also Matt, Steve and Tom all said they would start posting more. Haha! On-the-spotted!

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