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Friday, November 5, 2010

What the heck is Matt talking about?

He is referencing this conversation we had:

Matthew: 5 days and no update on ynte?
Matthew Klug is online.
Matthew: something must be wrong
Evan: I am unconscious
Matthew: happens
Sent at 10:19 AM on Friday
Matthew: we had a guy dressed up in a guy fawkes mask hijack all of the fancy projectors around campus today
that was interesting
Sent at 10:26 AM on Friday
Evan: I own a Guy Fawkes mask but I always forget to get up to mischief on Nov 5th
perhaps it's because people call it November 5th and not "the fifth of November"
if they talked that way I would 'remember, remember' it for sure

If you are still confused either move to England or read the graphic novel "V for Vendetta". Or just watch the movie if it is your life goal to piss off Alan Moore.

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