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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Most Bizarre but True News Story: Exotic Taco Wednesday

Boca Tacos and Tequila, of Tucson, AZ. has had an Exotic Taco Wednesday for the last six months. This special menu has seen items such as python, alligator, elk, kangaroo, rattlesnake, Rocky Mountain oysters, turtle, duck and frog legs in its tacos. The usual going rate is $3-$4 per taco. Last month, owner Bryan Mazon, announced that he would be serving up African Lion tacos starting Feb. 16th and would be taking pre-orders for this specialty taco at $8.75 per taco. People all over the world have since placed orders for their lion tacos (I would love to have the chance to eat lion too...). The FDA has no rules against serving up the King of the Jungle in a tasty corn tortilla since it isn't on the endangered species list. The price for lion is even steeper than lobster at $100/lb for ground lion, and $400/lb for a tenderloin.

The news of this epic taco has stirred up quite the hubbub and has resulted in many threats to the restaurant, employees, and customers. Due to these threats, Boca Tacos and Tequila, has decided to scrap the lion taco in favor of safety and angry mobs.

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