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Monday, January 25, 2010

The Gauntlet: The rules

I said I would post these much earlier in the month, but didn't. So I'm posting them now. Apologies to anybody reading this that isn't Matt or Tom, as this may come off as a bit boring.

In accordance with the stated goal of making 2010 the year of our blog, Tom and Matt will each be offered 50 US Dollars if they can make a minimum of 5 blog posts a month that conform to the following standards:

1) Blog posts must have content. As a bizarre humor blog which at times has a large emphasis on pictures or linking to other sites, the bar for "content" is very low. If a good faith effort is put forth to make a post, I'll almost certainly pass it. However, posts where the content is "adsjfhpiouczvn;alerth" will not count. However, as I said, I'm incredibly lax, so as long as you're not trying to post gibberish to take my money, you should be fine.

2) Blog posts should be (somewhat) spread out throughout the month. I don't want the last day of the month to have 5 "oh crap" posts. Likewise, I don't want 5 posts on day 1 and the rest of the month nothing. Idealy there would be a somewhat steady stream of content coming out of here. But seeing as nobody is perfect, here's the rule: No more than 2 posts a day will count toward the required 5 for the month. You can post more than 2 per day if you want, go right ahead, but only two of them will count as part of the 5 for the month.

3) Be funny. I know a lot of the stuff we put here would not be considered funny by a great many people. That's not the point of this rule. Basically, YNTE is not your emo journal. People come here to be entertained, so keep it entertaining. It doesn't have to universally be the funniest thing in the world, but nobody wants to hear about you cutting yourself because Edward Cullen won't be your vampire lover. Should you desire, you can totally have a livejournal elsewhere with said content, and I have no problem with that. Just keep it off here.

4) Be cool. I'm sure there are other ways you could game the system to take my money without contributing anything useful to the blog. Don't.

Keep in mind that those are more guidelines than rules. I will give you the benefit of the doubt the vast majority of the time. Every single post already on the site, no matter how nonsensical or short lives up to these incredibly loose standards.

However, in the event that there is a dispute over whether any of these rules have been broken, they will be run past the impartial YNTE Rule Czar, which is a position I just made up. The rule Czar's ruling will be final. For 2010, the YNTE Rule Czar will be Rena McNeal. Congrats! You will probably never have to use your vast power, but now you have a cool title.

(and to anybody who says, "she's your sister, she's not truly impartial", a) she's fair, and b) screw you, it's my money on the table)

To recieve the maximum of 50 dollars, you must create 5 posts that adhere to the above rules. If you post less than 5, your initial 50 dollars will be docked 2 dollars for every missed post. For example, if Tom only posts 1 time this month, he is short 4 posts. 4 posts short times 2 dollars = 8 dollar penalty, and the maximum Tom can earn is now 42 dollars. (42!)

Even if you miss a month entirely, you can still earn some money, so keep posting.

As the instigator of the gauntlet, I reserve the right to update/modify these rules at any time, presuming I don't do this for the purpose of being a dick and screwing you out of your hard earned money. Which I won't do, because I really want the blog to succeed.

Phew! that was a lot. Resume your day!


Rena said...

Wooo! The only thing cooler than being YNTE Rule Czar would be being Slapbet Commissioner.

Tom said...

You should have posted this at the beginning of the month -,-

Also.. Who is using this as an Emo journal? From what I can tell, you're the only one whining about ComicsAlliance :P

Matt said...

Hey, he's not in the contest, so the rules don't apply? Well, actually I'd call it a rant more than an emo journal.

Tom, you can still get your 50 big ones if you do like 1 each day for the next 5 days. You do like Evan's money, don't you?

Evan said...

Nobody is using this as an emo journal... The rule is in place to ensure it stays that way.

And Tom, you've got like 6 days left. With the 2 a day rule, you can get your full 5 in 3 days. So you've got plenty of time. You should at least get a few posts in to minimize the penalty.