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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Matt Gave Blood Today

So, while I was still in the Puyallup area (I head back to Pullman tomorrow) I ended up giving some blood. After confirming that I hadn't had sex with anyone that had AIDS, had been in certain African countries and that I did not give them money or drugs for it, I was good to go and get my blood drawn.

Well, I guess my body isn't a huge fan of it, since brightness on my eyesight was turned way up and volume on my ears down to 50%, which are apparently signs of passing out, which may be similar to "seeing the light." Lack of oxygen to the brain seems to do that. Also they wouldn't let me leave for like an hour. On the bright side I was a pound lighter, and my blood will surely go benefit someone in major surgery, a blood transfusion, or be used to feed the ever growing vampire population. But hey, as long as they aren't biting me or whatnot, I'm cool with it.

How is this all relevant? They tell you that you need to eat a hearty meal afterwards. Hellooo delicious meat and also a blog post.

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