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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

YNTE Movie Night: April Edition

April may be a bit of a controversial month for YNTE Movie Night.

The idea is that I pick out a movie that I have never seen (and thus have no firsthand opinion of) and based on what I have seen/heard/googled, looks pretty terrible. This month's movie is no exception.

The reason it may be a controversial choice, is that it is the #1 highest grossing movie of all time, James Cameron's Avatar.

Here's the plot as I understand it: Humans are on the far off planet of Pandora, attempting to mine a rare, hard to obtain mineral, literally called "Unobtainium". Unfortunately there's a race of 10 foot tall cat people who aren't fond of the intrusion. The humans decide that in order to broker peace, they will find a way to wear the cat people as skin suits and infiltrate their culture or something. This is the best the movie has been explained to me.

It's Dances with Wolves meets FernGully with a little bit of the Smurfs and Freaky Friday.

And yet, every single person I've talked to who has seen it has said it was awesome. Am I missing something?

Anyway, the DVD comes out tomorrow. I'll be watching it and posting my thoughts sometime this month. Will the movie be as stupid as it has sounded every time it has been attempted to be explained to me? Or is there some nugget of awesome contained within that everyone else has already discovered and I am last to the party?

If you want to participate, email your review to and I'll post 'em up at the end of the month.


rush340 said...

I have not seen it and feel the same way (really? unobtainium?). Yet, somehow, everybody says it's awesome. I'm not convinced.

Tom said...

I loved FernGully and I liked Dances with Wolves. Personally, I loved the movie if not just for the effects and action. Evan, I'm very surprised that this wasn't a movie you had to see on opening day.