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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pdrepper's Twitter page is full of shameless self advertising and bad grammar

This is kinda sad. I thought I'd give our old friend Pdrepper some attention, so I did a Google search for Dr. Pepper. To my dismay, every single article that popped up omitted the obviously necessary but always-omitted period. To further weaken my resolve, I found the twitter page. It's pretty uninspiring.

Now, if you wanna do an advertising campaign on Twitter or YouTube, you've gotta do it right. The only people I've seen really do this right lately is Old Spice. It's probably the most internet-based ad campaign I've ever seen, and likely the most hilarious. They got Isaiah Mustafa to make 200 YouTube videos in 2 days responding to tweets and other things on the internet. In case you haven't seen them, check it.

Back on topic though, I do have some good news! Doing a Google search for Pdrepper results in YNTE being the top website result. Suck it, internet!

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