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Monday, August 30, 2010


Since most of us are probably of the drinking age, I thought it might be appropriate to do something beverage related. There's a site out there called the Drunken Moogle, which is devoted to video game inspired drinks and drinking shenanigans. It's got some really neat ones, such as the Metroid and The Drink is a Lie.

So it got me thinking... could I make a video game inspired drink? I went onto my favorite MMO and asked a few of my buddies on there. The conversation went like this:

Them: Ok so what alcohol do you have?
Me: Uhh... whiskey.
Them: Alright got any ice?
Me: I don't at the moment... but wait!

I looked in the freezer and I had... popsicles. So I present to you my drink--

The Whiskey Popsicle! It's uhh... whiskey + a popsicle. Inspired by my friends online, so -technically- it was video game inspired I guess? Overall I guess it was ok, I let the popsicle cool it down and mix with it for a new flavor... kinda...


Don't try this, it was kinda nasty.

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