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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's Vegas, Baby!

So I returned home from Vegas yesterday, and subsequently passed out after the irritating flight home. Since my first name is the latest in the alphabet compared to the rest of my family, I get the pleasure of always getting an aisle seat, and I can't just take a nap on the plane 'cause people are constantly running into my arm on account of their tiny bladders. Consequently I didn't end up joining Umi and Evan in their Left 4 Dead game.

In any case, I thought I'd share the luxurious minibar my room came stocked with... wait, there was no mini bar, just this:

I certainly do enjoy my water, but not $7 for that. Hell, for $2 more I could run downstairs and get 3 bottles of Coke for that! But I digress. I was going to share the amazing meals I was going to have, but they were all pretty standard. So instead, enjoy these advertisements heavily laden with innuendo, starting from least to most obscure.

Anyway, this'll be the last post before my last post of the year. Cryptic!

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