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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random Thoughts

First of all, this is POST #5 for February. February Accomplished. February Over-Accomplished. You all need to slow down with the content if we want to keep pace for the rest of the year.

Second of all, I stand by my assertion that it's "Pdrepper". And now I'm bringing evidence:
That is a segment of the Gutenberg Bible, the first ever printed book. My latin isn't great, but I'm pretty sure that "Quid" is a latin word and "Qrum" is a made up word. The precident is set, way back to the earliest days of printed text, that when a letter is so big it takes up two lines, it goes with the letters on the first line, not second.

Also, from the wikipedia page on "Dr Pepper":

The period (fullstop) after "Dr" was discarded for stylistic and legibility reasons in the 1950s. Dr Pepper's logo was redesigned and the text in this new logo was slanted. The period made "Dr." look like "Di:". After some debate, the period was removed for good (it had been used off and on in previous logos), as it would also help remove any medical connotation with the product.

See? No actual medical connotation. Not "Doctor Pepper", it's "Pdrepper".

Also, by rearguing the point, i may have knocked pdrepper back up in the wordle count after Tom relegitimized it.

And speaking of Tom, I pose a challenge to you: while drinking your free Pdrepper, you listen to this:

Let me know if it was worth it.


Tom said...

"Drink a bite to eat" was the very first Pdrepper slogan. =/ Disappointing for such an amazing drink.

Also.. notice that there is no apostrophe in "shacklers revenge" on the video you posted. Was it uploaded incorrectly or just stripslashed? You gotta wonder about these things

Tom said...

Didn't help

Evan said...

EAT need!

Evan said...

Mine's better. If it were a T-Shirt I didn't have to pay for, I'd totally wear it: