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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Five pounds is too many pounds

Once again, I valiantly attempted the Taco Del Mar Cinco De Mayo 5 Pound Burrito Challenge. And once again, I was bested by the mighty beast. I could make excuses about it being slightly larger this year, or the fact that it wasn't wrapped in foil, but the truth is, I just didn't measure up. I did a bit better than last year, though. Keep reading for pictures!

see? FIVE tortillias this year, up from 4 last year.

We got to wear fancy hats!
I was joined by two frat boy types who had NO IDEA what they were getting into. They tried using a KNIFE AND FORK. Didn't even get halfway. Amateurs.
Just barely in, and my buritto is already falling apart. At first it wasn't a problem...
...but by the end the thing was barely holding together.
This should be my new facebook photo.
At the 23 minute mark, I still had this much left, and while I still had energy and enthusiasm, I could not make myself take big enough, or fast enough bites to finish the rest. I could have pressed on and gotten pretty close but I wouldn't have finished and would have felt much worse the rest of the day.

So I washed my hands and walked away, defeated. I'll have to wait until next year for the rematch.

I'm looking forward to Matt's experience. He called me and let me know of a complication, but I think he was still going to make an attempt of sorts. Stay tuned for his scintillating report!


Matt said...

Things bigger than Evan's head: 2
Evan: 0

It is another sad day on the internets.

Don't worry, I didn't fare much better when it comes right down to it. But man, the frat boys couldn't even eat half? Pathetic.

Evan said...

Yeah, it was pretty pathetic.

They both got FULL around the 15 minute mark and spent the rest of the time whining.

Tom said...

Cmoonnn! I did better than the frat boys did last year. I shoulda gone. You needed coaching