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Monday, January 10, 2011

Horrible product name for a good invention - i.Beat blaxx

I accept Umi's contest challenge. My entry will be the "i.Beat blaxx" MP3 player.

German mp3 manufacturer TrekStor has a whole line of mp3 players in the i.Beat line. i.Beat blaxx was just a new, black mp3 player, following their i.Beat ________ naming structure.
Apparently someone noticed the problem, and it is now just named blaxx.

via listverse

The rules of the contest are as follows (since Umi didn't specify):
1) The contest will run one week, until January 17th, at midnight. Get your entries in before then!
2) If you aren't a writer for the blog, leave a comment in any of the entry posts.
3) Winner will be selected by the Rule Czar, and her ruling is FINAL. No heckling!
4) Prize will be supplied by Umi, and it had better be something GOOD.

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