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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Horrible Product Name for a Good Invention: The Bugzooka

Alright, so my product is a borderline As-Seen-On-TV type product. I could have done the Slap Chop, but the commercial is great; or the Eggstractor, but it's not really a great invention seeing that it explodes eggs; or Comfort Wipe. I don't need to get into details on that one. All you need to know is that people are terrible.

But this one is different. It's the Bugzooka. This one is just oozing badness all around. First of all, you liken the product in your mind to being a projectile of sorts, since you see the name and think of this:

But that's not how it works at all. It uses suction to bring bugs through a one-way door, instead of firing some projectile to splatter them against a wall. Secondly, it's not very flashy or complex, it's just a spring connected to an enclosed chamber with a button to release the spring to cause a small amount of suction. You could do the same job with a vacuum cleaner, and although the suction on one of those would be better, it'd be a pain in the ass to lug around just to get a spider off your walls. Lastly, their website doesn't really make the case well that this is a good product right off the bat.

But, I happen to have one, and let me tell you, it has caught plenty of spiders in my day. Living down in a basement can do that. All you need to do is push on the end until the spring locks in place, stand a safe distance from whatever pest you're trying to remove from your vicinity, and press the button to exile the thing from your floor or wall or wherever it is. The thing is, the device (usually) doesn't kill the bugs, it just sucks them up and you can remove the end of the device and observe them. Alternatively you can release the bugs into the wild. Here, let me show you...

Uhm... well, you CAN release the bugs into the wild... I guess. You just have to put your hand so damn close to them. These have been in here for months, maybe I should go toss these somewhere. Don't let any nature freaks/arachnophobes see this spider prison death camp, it might upset them.

BUT I DIGRESS. Basically, it keeps spiders the hell away from me by putting them in a clear plastic prison. And keeping spiders out of the range of anywhere close to me is something I can support.

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