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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winner - Horrible product name for a good invention

It is I, the Rule Czar, with my first post EVER! You will find that I like caps lock. Also referring to obscure lines from movies in a way that only I and a few others find hilarious. Posting privileges have been bestowed upon me so that I may hand down decrees from on high, rather than just give little notes in the mostly-neglected comment section. I intend to immediately abuse my privilege and go mad with power. MAD, I TELL YOU!

Anyways. Without further ado, I shall reveal the winner of the Horrible Product Name contest! Hopefully Umi has rustled up a worthy prize, because the winner is....(drumroll)...

Evan, with his submission of i.Beat blaxx! Take a bow, Evan, because that name is truly heinous.

To everyone else, thanks for playing, and maybe we'll have a new contest next month, because this was fun.

1 comment:

Evan said...

HOLY CRAP I WON. I did not see that coming.

And here I was preparing to break the rules and heckle the rule czar. But apparently I win without any backsass whatsoever!

Umi, you owe me a prize. A TASTY PRIZE.