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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tabasco gets a fancy ad?

Don't get me wrong, Tabasco is delicious and makes a lot of things (like food) better. Even taste better! But I noticed our usual Adsense adverts are replaced with Tabasco's Twitter feed. And yet it still says "Ads by Google" on the thing, so either Adsense is becoming more targeted or Evan struck a deal with the hot sauce masterminds. Does this mean we get paid more?

Anyway, it just seems so... appropriate. Also probably meta, somehow.

Edit: I guess it's just regular old boring Adsense ads if you're viewing a single post. I was almost hoping I could see a twitter feed on our blog on every page!

1 comment:

Evan said...

For me to make bigwig ad deals with hot sauce masterminds I would need to have a large audience to leverage. And to get a large audience we need to create quality content on a regular basis, and we're only creating a few... HOLY SHIT 27 POSTS THIS MONTH THAT HAS TO BE A RECORD FOR US.

Adsense does (I think) learn about the content of your blog over time, so the longer we keep the ads on there the more targeted they should get. However, our content's sort of all over the map, so the ads will be too.

The one thing that is a bit different is that I've signed us up for Amazon Associates, so any Amazon purchases made via links from this site should get me 15% of the cost. So that could bring in a few extra bucks.

On top of just writer costs, I've got a few other things planned that could cost some dough, so hopefully the blog makes me enough this year that I at least break even.